Diaries and Calendars 2016

Diaries and Calendars 2016

Franciens Cats diaries and calendars 2016 now available!

Franciens Cats is currently celebrating her 25 year anniversary. That’s why the diaries are prettier then ever before. You can choose from two different styles. There is a ‘Scrapbook’ version and a ‘Patchwork’ version. Of course you can also choose the always popular Family Diary & Calendar.

You can order these products online at:
You can also buy them at bookstores, Bruna, AKO, Primera and department stores in the Netherlands.

Mini diary
This year the mini diary has a clever elastic band with a beautiful cat paw charm. With all the Dutch vacations, year planner, notes and ribbon this makes for a complete packet diary. And of course it’s filled with beautiful illustrations en enough space for your appointments. Size 8,5 x 11 cm, price €6,99
Mini Agenda 2016 Franciens Katten

Lady diary
This year the lady diary has a different design, with a convenient magnetic closure. This elegant diary easily fits your bag but is slightly bigger than a mini diary and has more space for writing. Filled with the Dutch vacations, Holidays, year planner, ribbon, cat passport and of course a lot of beautiful cats. Size 10 x 15 cm, price €9,99
Lady Agenda 2016 Franciens Katten

Binder diary
The binder diary is the biggest and most detailed diary. This luxurious anniversary edition is jam packed with a lot of extra’s. It has a clever elastic band with a cat paw charm, stickers, a coloring book page, two unique postcards, convenient storage space in the front and the back, a lot of space to make notes and all the information an diary needs. Besides the adventures of Franciens cats, you will also find a prize competition and several special offers. The scrapbook edition has a hidden binder, the patchwork edition has a visible binder. Size 16 x 23, price €14,99
Spiraal Agenda 2016 Franciens Katten

Month calendar
The month calendar is a piece of fine art. It’s big and beautiful, filled with artwork, and enough space to write on. Size 30 x 30 cm, price €9,99
Week Calendars
Would you rather have a more compact calendar with more space to write on? Then the week calendar is ideal. Every week its own page. And of course beautiful cats. Very convenient! Size 16,5 x 23 cm, price €9,99
Maandkalender 2016 Franciens Katten

Family diary
The family binder diary is the coziest diary there is. Jam packed with drawings and writing space for every member of the family. It also contains a cat passport, Dutch vacations and holidays, extra space for notes on every page and two plastic storage maps in the back. Size 19 x 19, price €12,99
Familie Agenda 2016 Franciens Katten

Family calendar
The family calendar is similar to the family diary, but to decorate your wall. Every week its own page. Convenient and beautiful. Size 29,5 x 21 cm, price €10,99
Familie Planner 2016 Franciens Katten

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